Economic geology and mineralogy
University of Greifswald
Institute for Geography and Geology
Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Str. 17A
D-17487 Greifswald



Photographs of lab rennovation. Before and after photos.

Current Projects

Geopolymers (TBI project)
Clay mineral diagenesis and hydrocarbons (CEP project)
Clays and the disposal of nuclear waste
Role of clays in the underground storage of carbon dioxide
Clay minerals in fault zones

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Staff and researchers

Georg Grathoff
Senior lecturer in mineralogy
Tel. ++49(0)3834 86 4584
E-mail: grathoff(at)

Laurence Warr
Professor in economic geology
Tel. ++49(0)3834 86 4578
E-mail: warr(at)

Manfred Zander
Chief technician in electron microscopy
Tel. ++49(0)3834 86 4581
E-mail: zander(at)

Renate Martens
Group secretary
Tel. ++49(0)3834 86 4570
E-mail: geologie(at)


Jan Dietel
Researcher (Geopolymer cements)
Tel. ++49(0)3834 86 4583
E-mail: jan.dietel(at)

Nanjie Hu
Researcher (Geopolymer cements)
Tel. ++49(0)3834 86 4583

Jasmaria Wojatschke
Researcher (CEP financed project)
Thin film mineralization processes in fault rocks
Tel. ++49(0)3834 86 4583
E-mail: jasmaria.wojatschke(at)


Masters students

Christain Buse

Markus Peltz

Julia Schlosser

Bachelors students


Recent Publications

Warr, L.N., Friese, A., Schwarz, F., Schauer, F., Portier, R.J. & Basirico, L.M.. (2013). Bioremediating oil spills in nutrient poor ocean waters using fertilized clay mineral flakes: some experimental contraints. Biotechnical Research International, 2013, Article ID 704806, 9 pages.

Baldermann, A., Warr, L.N., Grathoff, G. & Dietzel, M. (2013). The rate and mechanism of deep sea glauconite formation at the Ivory coast-Ghana marginal ridge.Clays and Clay Minerals, 61, 258-276.

Pusch, R., Warr, L.N., Grathoff, G., Pourbakhtiar, A., Knutsson, S. & Mohammed, M.H. (2013). A talc-based cement-poor concrete for sealing boreholes in rock. Engineering, 5, 251-267. PDF copy.

Baldermann, A. Grathoff, G.H. & Nickel, C. (2012). Micromilieu controlled glauconitization in fecal pellets at Oker (central germany). Clay minerals, 47, 4, 513-538.

Kasbohm, J., Pusch, R., Nguyen-Thanh, L. & Hoang-Minh, T. (2012). Lab-scale performance of selected expanable clays under HLW repository conditions. Environmental Earth Science, DOI 10.1007/s12665-012-2085-1.

52. Frings, K. & Warr, L.N. (2012). Hydrothermally altered mudrock of the Ciñera-Matallana coal basin, Cantabrian Zone, northern Spain. European Journal of Mineralogy, 24 (6), 1017 - 1029. Abstract.

Böttcher,M., Effenberger, H.S., Gehlken, P-L., Grathoff, G.H., Schmidt, B.C., Geprägs, P., Bahlo, R., Dellwig, O., Leipe, T., Winde, V., Deuschmann, A., Stark, A., Gallego-Torres, D., Martina-Ruiz, F. (2012). BaMn(CO3)2- a previously unrecognized double carbonarte in low temperature environments: Structural, spectroscopic, and textural tools for future identification. Chemie der Erde, 72, 85-89.

Perdial, J.N. & Warr, L.N. (2011). Hydration behavior of MX80 bentonite in a confined-volume system: Implications for backfill design. Clays and Clay Minerals, 59, 640-653.

Warr, L.N. & Grathoff, G. (2011). Geoscientific applications of particle detection and imaging techniques with special focus on the monitoring clay mineral reactions.In Handbook of Particle Detection (Editor C. Grupen). ISBN 978-3-642-13270-4. Springer.


Recent Abstracts

Nickel, C., Baldermann, A., Dietzel, M. & Grathoff, G. & Warr, L.N. (2013). Alteration at bentonite-cement interfaces - an experimental approach. Goldschmidt Conference 2013, Florence, Italy. Poster abstract.

Dietel, J., Emmerich, K., Grathoff, G.H. & Warr, L.N. (2012). Dehydroxylated illite/smectite as a precursor for geopolymer binders. Poster abstract. 6th Mid-European Clay Conference, Sept. 4-9, 2012 in Pruhonice, Czech Republic. Poster.

Grathoff, G. & Obst, K (2012) Toarcian shales in Western Mecklenburg, Germany: Preliminary 3D reconstruction of mineralogy, geochemistry, and pore space. GEOHannover 2012 DGG Tagung 1.-3. October 2012.

Pelz, M., Buse, C., Grathoff, G.H. & Warr, L.N.(2012). Swelling behaviour of MX-80 bentonite at 40°C after cation exchange in Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ salt solution and after alteration in cement solution- In situ XRD measurements. 6th Mid-European Clay Conference, Sept. 4-9, 2012 in Pruhonice, Czech Republic. Poster.

Wojatschke, J. & Warr, L.N. (2012). 3D FIB-SEM study of clay mineral coatings in faulted Staßfurt carbonate (Ca2) of the Permian Zechstein, North German Basin. Poster abstract. 6th Mid-European Clay Conference, Sept. 4-9, 2012 in Pruhonice, Czech Republic. Poster.